Music for Theater and Film

Recorded at Strange Vibrations Studio

Style tags:o=natural orchestral, so=synthetic orchestral e=electronic, p=piano g=guitar v=various

Musical Excerpts, 2001-2006
Mysterious Suspenseful Action Carnivalesque Romantic

Game Entrance (e)

Game Exit (o) Bifurcation Sacrifice (e) Trickster Highlights (v) Terrace (o)
Meditation (so) Doorstep (so) Hostage Crisis (so) Calliope Hallucination (so) Guitar Exit Variation (g)
Death and the Woman (g) Study in Sounds (e)  

Ain't We Got Fun (o)

Dorothy (p)

Temple Scene (so)

Socrates (so)     Round Table (p)
Death of Jesus (o)       After, adagio (o)
Soft, As (so)       Animatrix Main Theme (p,t)
Traveling Music (so)       Letter from Da (g,so)

The Lesson (p)



Sound Designs, Collaborations, Song Productions

Submarine Angelic (with Ed Blomquist, 2005)
Aria (orchestral with Jo Beth Henderson vocalist, 2006)
Dream Remains the Same (Modern dance/pop/urban diva song) Composed for Main Titles of Real)