David L. DeMaris

1514 W. 9th Austin, TX 78703

Email: demaris@well.com






University of Texas at Austin, Ph. D., May 2001, Computer Engineering

University of Texas at Austin, M.S. Engineering,  May 1995, Computer  Engineering

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, BSEE, May 1982, Electrical Engineering


Dissertation:   Synchronization Opponent Networks: Dynamics, Computation, and Coding  For Similarity and Object Recognition.  (Supervisor: Baxter F. Womack )

Research Interests


Nonlinear dynamics and oscillation phenomena in networks (applications to  signal processing, pattern recognition, perceptual and cognitive modeling), scientific visualization, user interface design,  usability, adaptive design methods, VLSI design automation, algorithmic composition techniques in music and visual arts

Society Memberships


International Neural Network Society,  American Association for the Advancement of Science

IEEE, IEEE Computer Society



DeMaris, D. Analysis of dynamics and object recognition performance in coupled map networks,  Neurocomputing,  in press


DeMaris,  D.  Representation space in a network of coupled chaotic oscillators with modulated synchronization.  Neurocomputing, 44-46, 2002,  pp 365-362


DeMaris D., Womack B.F.  Recognition of Objects Rotated in Depth using Partial Synchronization of Chaotic Units . Proc. Intl. Joint Conference on Neural Networks, 2001,  pp. 884-889


DeMaris D.  Synchronization Opponent Systems: Attractor basin transient statistics  as a population code for object representation.  Neurocomputing 38-40, 2001, pp. 547-554


DeMaris, D.  Attention, Depth Gestalts, and Chaos in the Perception of Ambiguous Figures, in Levine, D and Brown, Vincent R. (Eds.) Oscillations in Neural Systems, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2000, p. 239-259


DeMaris, D.  Dynamic Symbolism, Chaos, and Perception, in Proceedings of Einstein Meets Magritte, an interdisciplinary workshop, (v.2 Science and Art) Aerts, D. (Ed.), Kluwer Academic Publishers, New York, 1999


DeMaris D.  Pattern formation in spatially extended nonlinear systems: toward a foundation for meaning in symbolic forms. in Dubois, D. (Ed.) Proc. 1st Intl.Conf. on Anticipatory Systems, AIP. Conference Proceedings, no.437,  pp. 469-494, 1998


DeMaris, D.  Computing Shape Similarity With Chaotic Reaction Diffusion Spectra, Proc. World Congress on Neural Networks, V1 p. 270-273, 1995


DeMaris, D.L.  Visualization in a VLSI design automation system, IBM Journal of Research and Development, 35:1/2, 1991, pp 238-243


McCullen K, Thorvaldson J., DeMaris D., and Lampin, P.  A System for Floorplanning with Hierarchical Placement and Wiring, Proc. European Design Automation Conference, 1990, pp. 262-265

Invited Talks


IBM Research Biometaphorical Computing Research Group, Watson Research 2002

Riken Brain Science Institute Perceptual Dynamics Group, 2001

Cognitive Science Course, School of Library and Information Science, U. Texas Austin, 2001

Neural Network Seminar, Oregon Graduate Institute, 1999

First International Conference on Anticipatory Systems, Liege, 1998

Workshop on Logic and Dynamics for Higher Level Formation in Biology, Yokohama, 1996

Teaching and Academic / Professional Service


Neurodynamics  (U. Texas Austin, Biomedical Engineering,  2000,. 2001, 2002)  Co-developed and lectured in graduate course on neuroscience and dynamical systems theory with Gerhard Werner, MD

Reviewer on population coding, Reviews in the Neurosciences

Co-organizer Workshop on nonlinear dynamics, Computational Neuroscience, 2001, 2002

Organizer, Workshop on spatial pattern formation, Computational Neuroscience, 1999

Volunteer Intl. Conf on Computer Vision, 1994

Session Chair, Einstein Meets Magritte, Brussels, 1995

Session Chair, Logic and Dynamics for Higher Level Formation in Biology, 1996

Reviewer on chaotic networks, Artificial Neural Networks for Engineering Conference

Technical Skills and Course work


VLSI Design: Expert in floorplanning,chip integration, and hierarchical design methods; familiar with layout, VHDL/ simulation, synthesis, verification and test, automatic place and route, static timing and noise methodologies, 

Signal Processing:  Audio, image  and biosignal analysis; statistical analysis of nonlinear systems

Software Engineering  Engineering, project management and deployment of large scale, rapidly evolving complex software systems in demanding environments

Languages: C/C++, tcl/tk, Java, Pascal, Lisp, Fortran,  MATLAB, SuperCollider and MAX computer music languages, Onadime motion graphics visual language

Operating Systems: Unix/X/Motif, DOS/Windows, MacOS

Other: HTML , Graphics / Animation (Photoshop, Canvas, Painter), 3D CAD, Multimedia / Music production, Desktop Publishing

Graduate Coursework: Neurolinguistics, Cognitive Science, Anthropology of Symbolic Forms, Biosignal Analysis, Adaptive Systems, Vision Systems, Parallel Processing, Software Engineering, Engineering Programming Lnaguages

Professional History 


2000-2002 Advisory Engineer, IBM Microelectronics.  Added responsibilities include funded research on neural networks and pattern recognition techniques for manufacturing and design applications, and recruiting of Ph. D. level candidates in this area.

1999-2000 Advisory Engineer, IBM Microelectronics   Design automation liaison for the Chipbench VLSI tool suite on the Power4 project at IBM Austin, coordinating new development, debugging, and a complex installation process, leading a team of two engineers and programmers.

1992-1998 Advisory Engineer, IBM Austin Microprocessor Group.   I developed and supported a VLSI floorplan editor with integrated automatic placement and timing for PowerPC microprocessors and support chips in IBM and Motorola.  The editor is still in use, and featured novel interface techniques now showing up in mainstream web applications.

1988-1991 Staff Engineer, IBM Burlington Design Automation Group. Systems integration,  user interface development; data base and algorithm development for ASIC design system  used worldwide by IBM and SGS Thompson.  I supervised two junior programmers and coordinated several research programmers in the construction and integration of the system.

1986-1988 Sr. Assoc. Engineer, Research Liaison with Advanced Design Automation Laboratory.  I worked with the IBM Watson design automation group to define, implement, and perform systems integration for floorplanning, place and route algorithms.

1982-1986 Associate Engineer, IBM Burlington Microprocessor Design. Worked on performance analysis, floor planning and layout.  I developed a course to trained newly hired programming employees in basics of VLSI design.


Selected Fine Arts/ Digital Arts performances and installations


Sound Design / Composition , Holy Well and Sacred Flame, Vortex Theater, Austin, Jan. 2002

Sound Design / Composition,  The Pharmakon, Willful Players, Austin, Nov. 2002

Interactive Computer Video, Austin Museum of Digital Arts Digital Showcase, June 2001, May 2002 

Audio engineering / composition for Animatrix (Full length film in post-production), 2001

Audio Reactive Computer Video, Electroacoustic Recital Series, U. Texas Austin, Dec. 2000

Sound Design, The Thirteen Clocks, Vortex Theatre ,  Austin May 1999

Computer Video Installation, Topos Gallery Juried Show, Austin, TX,  March1997

Invisible Fountain (algorithmic music from coupled oscillator networks),  Einstein Meets Magritte:      An interdisciplinary workshop in science and art, Brussels 1996

Pianist/ Composer/ Audio Engineering, Alien Time Ensemble, creative jazz music,  1994-2001;  SXSW music festival 1998, Austin Jazz and Arts Festival 2000, CD released 1999