by David Brake


Welcome to this web supplement to my pocket size Dorling Kindersley book, Dealing with E-mail - part of the Essential Managers series. Here I have provided additional information and web links about all aspects of e-mail use in an organization. I hope you find this collection useful - please let me know if you have any comments or you've run across anything useful I should be including.

This guide follows the structure of the book:

Taking Control gives an overview of how e-mail works and discusses practices that help you maximise the benefits of e-mail use.

Managing E-mail provides practical tips to use e-mail more efficiently, including how to organize incoming e-mail, how to keep track of e-mail addresses, and ways to tackle spam and e-mail-borne viruses.

Netiquette gives guidance about how to write e-mail that is effective and easy to read and understand. It also discusses common e-mail pitfalls and gives guidelines about how to use e-mail marketing sensitively.

E-mail Policy outlines some of the legal and organizational issues that may arise through inappropriate e-mail use - sexual harassment or breach of confidentiality for example - and outlines how to institute and maintain suitable policies and practices to minimise these problems.