Pacifica Network Downlink Equipment List

The Pacifica KU system requires particular equipment to work properly. A typical TVRO system cannot receive the signal, because it is a narrow-band digital data signal, not a TV signal or a Dish-Network or DirectTV type signal. You need a larger dish than is used by the typical digital TV satellite system.

The system should include a digital receiver, attached to an LNB and dish outside with RG-6 or RG-11 coaxial cable. For distances longer than 150 feet, RG-11 is recommended.

The equipment that is required to receive the Pacifica KU Network is listed as follows:

Satellite Receiver:

ABR-202A (new or used):
You can also use an older ABR-202, which can be often found used at the places listed at the bottom of this page. The ABR 200 is really difficult to find and service, and not recommended at this point.

LNB (Low Noise Block Down convertor):

Norsat 1200H Series Data - Pro Ku-Band PLL LNB ( 25 kHz) product catalog
Look for the Norsat 1200H Series of LNB's on the sub-page for LNB's.

Downlink Dish

Depending on your location, the 1.8 meter or 2.4 meter dish is usually appropriate. For southwestern locations in the continental 48 states, Mexico and Caribbean, and areas with little rainfall, the 1.8 meter dish will work very well. In northern areas of the country where heavy rainfall or snow and ice in the winter are normal, a 2.4 meter dish is recommended. For Alaska and Hawaii, a 3.1 to 3.8 meter KU dish is likely the best choice for a dependable signal, depending once again on your exact location and view of the satellite itself.

Ground mounting on a pole requires a Schedule #40 pipe and concrete.

For roof mounting, a non-penetrating roof mount is recommended. Baird makes them, and a listing is found here:

Here are some typical examples of each type of dish:

For Alaska and Hawaii, and Caribbean areas, the Patriot 3.1 or 3.8 meter prime focus antenna is recommended:

Suggested dealers for new dishes:
This equipment can be found used as well, but requires some research and patience.
Places like EBay, Radioworld, Radio Guide and Bay Country broadcast equipment are good places to start.

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