How to destroy your hearing. A brief description.

Examples of sound pressure levels:

Decibel Level Example Effect
30Quiet Library, Soft WispersPainless
40Living Room, refrigerator, bedroom away from trafficPainless
50Light traffic, normal conversation, quiet officeLife as we know it
60Air Conditioner at 20 feet, sewing machineTolerable
70Vacuum Cleaner, Hair Dryer, Noisy RestaurantSomewhat intolerable
80Average City Traffic, Garbage disposal, alarm clock at two feetIt hurts
90Subway, motorcycle, truck traffic, lawn mowerIt hurts more
100Garbage truck, chain saw, pneumatic drillMasochistic
120Rock band concert in front of speakers, thunderclapEars are ringing
130Harley Davidson Motorcycle (straight pipes) at 10 feetVery Irritating and painful
140Gunshot blast at 5 ft., jet plane engine at 40 ft.Permanent hearing loss
180Rocket Launch padEar and body loss

I can still hear to 15 khz. Earplugs are my friend.

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