Pu`u Alala, Hawai`i

Here are some views from January of 2006 from the Pu`u Alala tower site
on the east side of the Big Island, just north of Hilo.

Pu`u Alala (Crow Hill) is the antenna site for a number of FM and TV stations in the Hilo market.

The towers at Pu`u Alala from the access road.

          The Pu`u Alala tower site is around 760 feet above sea level, and located on the east side of the Big Island of Hawai`i. The main self-supporting tower supports 3 FM stations combined into one master antenna. A second guyed tower supports one FM and a UHF TV antenna.

The towers at sunset.
The master combined antenna is visible on the main tower on the left.

A closer look from the south side.

The view east from 100 feet above ground.
The tower casts a big shadow in the afternoon.
2600 miles straight ahead is the west coast of Mexico.

Inside the main equipment building is the ERI multi-station combiner.

One of the 10KW transmitters

STL and control equipment adjacent to another 10KW transmitter.

Inside the other equipment shelter

And looking west towards 14,000 ft. Mauna Kea (on a clear day).

Looking up the inside of the main tower.

Looking south over Pepe`ekeo and Hilo Bay in the distance.

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