KAZU IBOC installation

Spring, 2005

KAZU in Pacific Grove, California recently installed the HD Digital Radio transmission system.
Here are some pictures showing what was involved.

First, we upgraded the analog transmitter (Nautel 5KW)
and replaced the antenna system.

The left tower has a space at the top reserved for the new antenna

Preparing the new Shively antenna system

Jess Drake and his son did the tower work, while I supervised from the ground.

Getting ready to haul up the bottom bay

Jess is up tower two, putting things in place.

Antenna installation complete

Now on to the IBOC transmitter Installation. This involved a high-level combiner and a 2KW Nautel HD transmitter.

Ian Dice (KAZU staff engineer) preparing the 1/2" reject load line.

Here I am installing the high-level combiner (A Shively 8db injector)
atop the Nautel analog transmitter. Note the Bird watt meter shows zero.

The injector is now installed

Ian is working on the digital interconnections.

All the lights are green.


I'm finished with the IBOC installation. And happy that it works as designed.

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