KFMN Studio and Transmitter

Puhi and Kilohana Crater, Kaua'i
Spring, 2005

Audio processing adjustments

The main control point of KFMN

Kilohana Crater, KFMN's tower site, taken from 1500 feet above halfway bridge, near Puhi, Kaua'i.
It's at the right hand end of the rainbow.

The KFMN tower atop Kilohana Crater. KFMN's antenna
is on top, and the KHJC antenna is below.

KFMN's 20KW CCA transmitter and control rack

The KFMN and KHJC control racks.

The KHJC 10KW Nautel solid-state transmitter

The transmitter shelter. Air-conditioned comfort inside!

Looking west from the edge of the transmitter site at Kilohana Crater itself. 5200 ft. Mt. Waialeale is in the distance.

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