KPFK Transmitter Project
July, 2002

Installation of the high power RF switchgear and testing of the new transmitter is complete. The auxiliary transmitter is now installed in the main building. The project is basically finished, although work will continue for the next few months on the remaining details. KPFK was restored to full power operation at 8:20 PM, July 11, 2002.

30 feet up, tools in hand
Here I am on the tower, re-setting the coax hangers to enable moving the feedline into the main coaxial switch.

This stuff is big!

Bob Conger and Ronnie examining the main feedline before moving it inside the building.

10 inch thick walls

The new openings in the side wall for the coax ports.

Watch your head!

Securing the coax to the switch assembly

high power plumbing

The output side of the combiner

The new cable routing, viewed from the outside. The temporary coax hangers and roof ice shield are visible.

a cute little rattlesnake, 4 feet long, 8 rattles

Here we are, dealing with the neighbors.
We took this one to the woods nearby and safely let him go on his way.

The beast!
Ready to lift the auxiliary transmitter

2000 pounds!
Now that it is out of the temporary shelter, we are carefully moving the auxiliary transmitter to the new building.

Moving the CCA into place

Nice sheet metal work!
The new HVAC exhaust hood. We push 10,000 cubic feet per minute of triple-filtered fresh air through the building.

Nice working environment?

Glen and Greg of USA Electric work on installing the three-phase power to the CCA.


Glen of USA Electric measuring the three-phase power to the CCA.

The new processing and control racks

The antenna switch control rack

55,000 watts

The new installation

The new antenna, glowing in the sunset

KPFK operates at 90.7 Mhz with 112,000 watts, 5900 feet above sea level and 5600 feet above Los Angeles, California.

For more about Mt. Wilson, check out my pages about the mountain here.

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