Mouth of Wilson, Virginia

Our humble home along Fox Creek, near Bartons Crossroads.....

            At 2,800 Feet AMSL, Mouth of Wilson is a wonderful place to be in the summer. Fishin's good at the creek, and the wolves and turkeys can be heard every day on Kendrick Mountain, on the south side of Fox Creek. We have planted over 60 trees on the property since 1985, and there are two 100 year old black walnut trees next to the house.
            We bought the place from Vaughn Spencer, first cousin of the fiddler Thornton Spencer, who lives on nearby Whitetop Mountain, Virginia, along with the very talented Emily Spencer, who make up most of the famous Whitetop Mountain String Band. Thornton learned to play the fiddle from the late Albert Hash, who also lived on Whitetop. One of Albert's fiddles can be seen at the Grayson Highlands State Park Visitors center, adjacent to Mount Rodgers, the highest mountain in Virginia (5,729 feet). Our mailman is Wayne Henderson, the great guitar player (and maker) from nearby Rugby, Virginia.
              20 miles to the east is Galax, home of the Galax Fiddler's Convention, held the first week of August every year. However, our favorite gatherings happen at the local schools and parks, and these bring out lot's of the old-timers, many of which still play in the old Grayson County style. It sure ain't bluegrass!

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