Port Townsend Festival of American Fiddle Tunes 1982

Some Candid Views - People at Building 204

Ready for clogging

Let the music begin!

Dancers after midnight

Fred Park instructing the musicians

Dance Music!

Bob Carlin and Adrienne Burke

Armin Barnette and Warren Argo

Jeanie and Ken and the band

Irene Herrman

Lisa at 4:00 AM

Brendan Doyle and Adrienne Burke

Bob Carlin and Mark Graham

Jody Stecher, Susan Burke (behind next to the wall) and Bob Naess

Taking a quick nap and listening too

Hank Bradley is nosing around?

Don, Brendan and Tony

Linda Schmidt and John Gawler, surrounded by all of us in the 204 hallway at 4:30 AM

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