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Came up to California decades ago, but I still miss my earlier life in Hawaii. (check the surf?).

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Systems with hypothetical looping connections are particularly interesting. But do the "systems" we map this way actually exist out in the world?

What do you think?

During the 1970s I got interested in the science of systems, and how thinking about interconnections instead of isolated things sometimes led to practical benefits. I was especially interested in purposeful systems, and this led me to the study of cybernetics and how this science can help us understand human behavior, that of individuals and social groups.

I came to the San Francisco Bay Area as a journalist and photographer, and later evolved into work as a systems-oriented change mangement consultant, corporate trainer, meeting facilitator. through my organizational work I got involved with the Society for Organizational Learning on the west coast.

Over the past decade, my interest is to translate principles of mindfulness and martial arts into practices that can help people in organizations manage conflict, uncertainty, and stress with increasing effectiveness and grace.

Sometimes we serenade the cows and horses.

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"Rosie on the Mountain" (Jeff Dooley) 3.7 Mb .mp3 file

"Nani Wale Lihu'e/Waialae" (John King, Mekia Kealakai, Gabby's setting) 6.2Mb

"Queen of the Earth and Child of the Skies" (Setting: Edden Hammons. Also known as "The Blackbird" Irish) 3.3 Mb .mp3 file

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