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Neurosphere and the Rise of Homo Electric

Neurosphere, the book, explores the possibility that the regular communication between humans via the mass media and electronic communications brings about the first stage of a genuinely new form of consciousness, the creation, in Teilhard de Chardin's term, of a noosphere, or in my variation, neurosphere.

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By visting this site based on the book, using it, and holding some of the information in your head, or in some metaphorical back burner of your brain pan, while you explore other pages, you are manifesting the beginnings of Homo Electric.

Pioneer of Inner Space: The Life of Fitz Hugh Ludlow, Hasheesh Eater

A biography of author/adventurer Fitz Hugh Ludlow (1836-1870) is now available from Autonomedia Press.
This site collects photos, excerpts and other items of interest.

The Web of Possibilities

Psychedelic drugs took America by storm in the 1960's. The effects of these drugs on the mind became entwined with the social upheavals of that time, and laws were passed against it to take their place among laws against narcotics. Psychedelics have been used for centuries by healers and shamans from cultures all over the world. These substances are widely considered to have great spiritual value, and form the core of religious beliefs in many cultures. In America, the strong Puritan streak that still runs through this country has led to both an uninformed view that psychedelics are just another drug of abuse, as well as the subtler notion that no "genuine" spiritual experience can be brought on by taking a drug. Yet the evidence is strong and persistent that the so-called psychedelic drugs do indeed bring profound spiritual benefits to their users. Some of these users have even coined the term "entheogens", meaning "God within", to emphasize that aspect of their actions.

The purpose of The Web of Possibilities is to keep in the public eye, through the freedom of the World Wide Web and the Internet, the real truth about entheogens, and their potential for assisting human spiritual growth. The Web of Possibilities contains historical information and other resources, including an annotated reading list.

Forbidden Sacraments

My new book on the unbroken heritage of shamanism in Western Civilization, soon out from Autonomedia Press.

The Varieties of Religious Expediency

From the sacred secretions of the bones of the saints, to the Church of Elvis now a-borning, the experience of the divine is truly diverse.

I am working on a new book on these themes, tentatively titled My Travels with the Virgin Mary. Here's my prototype Virgin of the Month site.,




Up Front and Back Home

Ted's War

A son finds his father speaking to his grandchildren fifty years before they're born while a soldier in France and Germany during World War II.


Ted's Grandchildren , ZOE and TEDDY!


Tom Waits Memorial Tour of Joints

A photo tribute to the nighthawks at the diner.

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