Botanical Preservation Corps

The Botanical Preservation Corps is working to preserve and protect psychoactive and other plants and mushrooms.

Ethnobotany and Chemistry of Psychoactive Plants Week long, intensive field courses held at the Mayan temples of Palenque in Mexico in January 1996. Instructors include Alexander and Ann Shulgin, Terrence McKenna, Jonathan Ott, Luis Eduardo Luna, Paul Stamets, Christian Ratsch, Stacy Schaefer, Ken Symington, and OTJ, BPC's Rob Montgomery. According to the flier, they will examine ethnobotany, shamanic practices past and present, botany chemistry, and cultivation of major and obscure psychoactive plants, and( my favorite,) practical methods of extraction, isolation, and assay of active plant compounds.Plus lots more. For more information, write:

BPC Registrar Ken Symington

722 Woodland Dr.

Sierra Madre, CA 91024


P.O. Box 1368

Sebastopol CA 95473