Pioneer of Inner Space:

The Life of Fitz Hugh Ludlow, Hasheesh Eater

By Donald P. Dulchinos

Autonomedia Press, 1998.


Donald Dulchinos has written a fascinating biography of this ``hasheesh eater.''
San Francisco Chronicle

"Drinking buddy of Whitman and Twain, New York Bohemian of the Sixties (1860's, that is), pioneer psychedelic psychonaut and frontier Pythagorean, America's first Hasheesh Eater and confessional junky - this is the definitive biography of our psychic great-grandfather - Fitz Hugh Ludlow."
- Hakim Bey, author, Temporary Autonomous Zones.

"The most long-awaited of any 19th-century American biography. Through a wealth of newly discovered data, Dulchinos describes the circumstances that led to the making of the 'American DeQuincey'. Fitz Hugh Ludlow has at last found his biographer."
- Michael Horowitz, founder, Fitz Hugh Ludlow Memorial Library

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Fitz Hugh Ludlow - An Introduction

A short introduction to the life of Fitz Hugh Ludlow, Pioneer of Inner Space.

Ludlow was a friend to both Walt Whitman and Mark Twain, the forerunners of modern American poetry and prose.

An analytical article by Donald P. Dulchinos about the drug-related writings of Fitz Hugh Ludlow appears in the new anthology, Psychedelics Reimagined, forthcoming from Autonomedia Press.

An interview with the author appears on The Wells Inkwell conference.

Bibliography of the works of Fitz Hugh Ludlow Ludlow.

Ludlow is best known for The Hasheesh Eater, which has been republished in new editions many times over the past 140 years. However, he published a large number of stories, articles, books and ephemera that were never reprinted. Some of these are reprinted below.

The complete text of an 1859 short story by Ludlow, entitled The Phial of Dread may be seen here.

The complete text of an 1861 short story by Ludlow, entitled The Taxidermist may be seen here.

The complete text of an 1862 short story by Ludlow, entitled The Music Essence may be seen here.

Links of Interest

The Lyceum

A number of other writings, including excerpts from The Hasheesh Eater, may be found in the Fitz Hugh Ludlow Hypertext Collection at The Lyceum, a comprehensive Web site devoted to drugs and their effects on mind and society.

The Web of Possibilities

The author of Pioneer of Inner Space has a small site of his own writings of related interests and a few additional links.

Fitz Hugh Ludlow- Age 34

A portrait of Ludlow by Frank Carpenter, portraitist of Abraham Lincoln and other prominent figures of the Civil War era, and a close friend of Ludlow's. The ravages of tuberculosis are evident in this picture, painted just 8 years after the above photograph.

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