Island Group

Island Group is an association of individuals with the purpose of creating a psychedelic culture. Based on the utopian Island novel by Aldous Huxley, Island has done a number of differnt things over the past two and one half years

* organized the Bridge Conference at Stanford Univerity..which hosted over 50 psychedic researchers,spokespersons and experts

* published Island Views: an newsletter about to reach its second issue... The first issue contained articles by Tim Leary, Peter Stafford, Bruce Eisner, Nick Herbert, and Alexander Shulgin

* hold bi-weekly meetings in Santa Cruz in a salon style format

In the future, Island plans to file for non-profit status. Long range: we want to buy an island and create an experimental community.

Early members include Laura Huxley, Allen Ginsberg and Michael Horrowitz You can join for $25 General Membership (includes 4 issues of the newsletter) or $99 for Supporting Memeber (4 issues of Island Viewe plus 2 hr Bridge Conf Conference Video Tape)

Write to Island Group (make check payable to same)

1803 Mission St. Suite 175

Santa Cruz, CA 95060

for more info: (408) 427-1942