Tom Waits Memorial Tour of Joints

Tom Waits has, or would, hang out in these places.

New Joints, Down in Denver>

Deno's 6 & 95 - Off Rte. 76 and Vasquez

The PS Lounge - Colfax Ave.

The Satire - Colfax Ave.

The Tower - Late of Broadway and I-25


The Hi-Boy - the Old Downtown

The Waffle Shop - 14th and Hell, N.W.

Whitlow's - the Old Downtown

Soul Parking - 14th and "the New U" St.


Skylark Lounge - Broadway

Club 404 - Broadway

The Butcher Block - North of Globeville

The Blue Blaze Bar - North Santa Fe Drive

Rose's Night Life - just north of the South Platte River

Sapp's Food and Fuel - off I-70 in Commerce City

The China Bowl - North Federal St.

Route 66 - New Mexico

The Uranium Cafe - Grants, New Mexico