The Telluride Mushroom Festival

A Conference and Festival

The Telluride Mushroom Conference and Festival is a unique concatenation of experts and aficionados ranging across the botanical, culinary, and ethnopharmacological aspects of mushrooms. Each year, the Festival organizers bring to Telluride, Colorado a special guest faculty member to keynote the proceedings and deliver a series of lectures. These lectures are surrounded by other lecturers, workshops in cultivation, and forays into the spectacular surrounding mountainsides to seek all manner of mushroom, from the edible to the poisonous, from the unassuming to the sublime.
  1. A Report from the Fourteenth Annual Festival
  2. A Report from the Fifteenth Annual Festival
  3. Scenes from the Mushroom Parade
  4. Fruits of the Foray
  5. Contact Information

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Last updated October 1, 1995
Author: Dionysius Doultsinos