These are some stories I wrote for Dadsworld.
The Family Bed: Three Is Not a Crowd
Despite the controversy, having your infant sleep with you in bed is a safe and convenient alternative to a crib.

Are You a Wienie for Wanting to Stay out of the Delivery Room?
The delivery room can be a frightening place for Dad. Here are a few things he should do to alleviate his fears and be helpful to his partner.

What NOT To Say To Your Wife When She's Pregnant
 The dos and don'ts of dealing with a ragingly hormonal mother-to-be. It includes some potentially dangerous phrases fathers-to-be should
avoid at all costs.

Lighten Up, It's Only Creating Life: Getting Pregnant Is Easy
A funny piece on couples trying to start a family. Wannabe fathers can put their mind at rest by checking with their physician and paying
attention to their wives' ovulation. Other then that, the best thing to do is hang loose -- literally.

Dads With Daughters or Girls Do Play With Trucks
Dads with daughters have a special opportunity to show them the world, with no inhibitions placed on them, making a more well-rounded

Nesting 101
An introduction to the art of Nesting. How a guy can go about making a new home to go with his new baby.

Getting Down and Dirty in the Kitchen
The talented new modern father takes it to the kitchen, creates some edible, and delicious treats for the family.

I also edited the first five issues of my friend Chris's "Diary of a First-Time Dad" 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

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