Elizabeth E. Crane

Say Yes To College

Say Yes to College reveals the proven methods behind Sharon Chandler and Elizabeth Crane's belief that any hardworking student can attend college, regardless of family background or income.

In this inspirationally organized book, the authors present a winning approach to empowering your children for a lifetime of success.

"[The authors] will give you the tools you need to get your children on the road to good citizenship and a good education."
Bill Cosby
from the foreword


Highlights from the past ten years of freelance writing:

I am a contributing editor at District Administration, a national magazine for the education market.  I write news and features for their main magazine as well as for their satellite publications. Read my recent story on steroid abuse in high schools.

"Stay At Home Dads," "First 5 California," "The Edible Schoolyard," "Carfree," etc.   Bay Area Parent

"Handling Night Terrors,   "Great Gifts For Tweens" , Parenting

Articles on webcasting and collaboration tools, University Business  

"Do Guns Teach Violence?" Brain, Child (reprinted in America Now , St. Martins Press)

"You Don't Belong Here," HipMama

Stress and infertility, conceive

"Attention Shoppers!", PCWorld

"Land a Hot Summer Job," "Exercising for the Right Reasons" quiz, "I Hate School," "Living Without Mom," MissClick.com

"Diary of a Baseball Mom" column, Giants' batboy interview, Russ Ortiz interview, MyTeam

"The Family Bed: Three Is Not a Crowd"
"Are You a Wienie for Wanting to Stay out of the Delivery Room?"
"What NOT To Say To Your Wife When She's Pregnant"
"Lighten Up, It's Only Creating Life: Getting Pregnant Is Easy"
"Dads With Daughters or Girls Do Play With Trucks"
"Nesting 101"
"Getting Down and Dirty in the Kitchen"
  edited the first five issues "Diary of a First-Time Dad." All for DadsWorld.com

"Stepmoms," "Male Call: Why Men Read in the Bathroom," MSN Underwire

"Marriage, Italian Style" San Francisco Examiner Sunday Magazine


Say Yes To College, Penguin/Perigee Books, 2005

Yahooligans Way Cool Web Sites for Kids, IDG Books, 1996


My writing interests include but are not limited to: education, parenting, food, Internet topics, Web community-building, corporate profiles, telecommuting, women in computing, educational software, baseball, and translation software. For book projects, I'm represented by agent Michael Psaltis.   Drop me a line at ecrane [ at symbol ] well.com.

As I've done every summer since 1994, I work at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. If you're in San Francisco on a summer Saturday, stop by Fitzgerald's peach stand and sample the fruit. If you can't make it to the Market, check out the Peach Page for a taste of the farm. You'll find selections from my stone fruit recipe collection there as well.  You can also read what SF Chronicle columnists Jon Carroll wrote about our beloved peach stand (that's me, correcting his Eliot).

University of Pennsylvania, my alma mater

Member, American Society of Journalists and Authors ( ASJA )


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