Fitzgerald's Premium Stone Fruit

Grower and Purveyor of Top-Quality Ripe Tree Fruit to Restaurants, Specialty Markets, and Farmer's Markets in San Francisco, Mountain View, and Santa Monica, CA.

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See the recent LA Times article (Adobe Acrobat PDF).

If you're in San Francisco on a Saturday morning, you need to visit the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market to experience our fruit firsthand. Stop by Fitzgerald's for a free sample of what's fresh off the trees. Chat with the grower, J. Fitzgerald Kelly, aka Fitz, pictured above on the farm, for a full account of which fruit is available when, and exactly when the prized white peaches and white nectarines will be available at the market. Our season begins mid-May, and we plan to attend every Saturday through at least the end of August. Take advantage of the hot Central Valley weather and take home some of the best tree fruit you're ever likely to taste.

Can't make it to the market but still want the best fruit available? Call Fitz at (559) 638-3136 for information on wholesale availability and special orders. 

Assuming you can get the fruit home undevoured, check out our recipe page for ideas of what to do with our fruit. Tree fruit lends itself well to savory as well as sweet preparations; try a quick salsa, and then maybe a cobbler.

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