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I'm a mostly-retired software developer.

I live in Marshall, North Carolina (in the mountainous western part of the state, near Asheville).

I also have an online journal (a sort of blog) at Dreamwidth Studios, which is updated more frequently than this home page.  You can find it at:

I can be reached at: edelsont at

Category Index

  • Computer Technology: my software projects.

  • Fiction and Poetry (my own).

  • Miscellaneous Personal Stuff: my family, my attitudes concerning personal relationships, and the like.

  • Philosophy : This section is new in 2024, and contains stuff about reasons and motives for acting.

  • Politics: I hope that this will come to include the sublime (matters of theory), but so far, it has only the ridiculous (the Donald Trump White House).

  • Religion and Spirituality, including “My Spiritual Journey.”

  • Wherein I brag on my sister, the famous poet: you know you want to read “The Little Richard Story.”

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