Do Not Use Ladder

by Caroline Eastman and Tom Edelson

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My friend Caroline Eastman wrote the original version of this.  I fooled around with it and created this variant version.  I changed mostly the ending; more than half of it is still hers.

Do not use ladder near electrical wires.

Do not use ladder on sloping,
or slippery surface.

Do not stand on top rung or side of ladder.

Do not use ladder while dressed in a clown suit
with painted face,
baggy pants,
and floppy shoes.

Do not gnaw on ladder,
particularly not with false teeth.

Do not allow dogs to use ladder
except with proper supervision.

Do not run with ladder,
especially across a firing range
while in use.

Keep ladder away from wombats,
and do not attempt to use it
as a defense against the Evil Eye.

Do not use ladder as metaphor for spiritual journey.

This page created: 2010-05-20

© Copyright 2010 by Caroline Eastman and Tom Edelson.