The Decline and Fall of Donald Trump

by Tom Edelson

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On Tuesday, 2019-09-24, Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that the House of Representatives would initiate a formal impeachment inquiry against President Trump.  A whole lot of electrons have given their lives since then, to facilitate online discussions of what this means, whether it's justified, whether it's politically wise … and what is likely to happen as this process moves forward.

I did try to resist, honestly I did, but it was to no avail.  I, too, have already accepted the sacrifices of some of our subatomic brothers, in order to slake my thirst to write about this.  And I will, almost certainly, do it again.  For the most part, such screeds have, and will, first see the light of day on my Dreamwidth journal (, or perhaps on the "talkpolitics" forum at the same site (

But here's the thing.  This time, I believe that the man is going down.  I don't claim to be certain, and still less do I claim to know for sure how it will happen.  But I predict that, one way or another, Donald Trump will cease being president no later than January of 2021.

And that means, within my possibly deluded mind, that these are historic events that I am yapping about.  It's something I would want to tell my grandchildren about, if I had any.  For that reason, I have decided to collect my pontifications on these events into a second location, besides the ones on Dreamwidth: here, in a separate area devoted to the subject (the decline and fall …), within my "site" on The Well.

So here's a list of the snippets that make up this saga, so far.

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