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M.S. in Cybernetic Systems, San Jose State University. Thesis title: Women´ s Voices; Women´ s Forms. June, 1985.

Work Experience

Faunal and Ecological Analyst and Archaeologist, Basin Research Associates, Hayward, CA. 1982-1984

Adjunct Professor and Graduate Director, Cybernetic Systems Program, San Jose State University, San Jose, CA.1983-1988

Reviewer in Cybernetics and Systems, University of California Press, Berkeley, CA, 1988.

Personnel, evaluation, interview and training design for Treasury Services Corporation, Santa Monica, CA, 1986 - 1987.

Consultant on Futures and Planning, The Glass Menagerie, Petaluma, CA. 1983 - 1985.


Education: Conversational Interface, paper selected for publication in a competition, in Support, Society and Culture: Mutual Uses of Cybernetics and Science, Department for Andragology, OOC Program, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Holland, 1989.

Book Review of On Knots by Louis H. Kauffman for The Dynamics Newsletter, Santa Cruz, CA, 1988.

The Dynamics of Cultural Evolution, paper and presentation, Proceedings of the Society for General Systems Research, May, 1986.

A Musing on Sign Space, invited paper, Proceedings of the Sign Space Conference, June, 1985.


Panelist, American Society for Cybernetics, Special Meeting, Victoria, BC, Canada, June, 1988.

Education and Cybernetics, presentation, Special Meeting of the American Society for Cybernetics, St. Gallen, Switzerland, March, 1987.

If You´ re So Smart Why Ain´ t You... , presentation, American Society for Cybernetics, December, 1987.

Invited participant to the Gordon Science Conference in Cybernetics, Wolfboro, NH, June, 1986.

Cybernetics as Guerrilla Feminism, invited plenary presentation, American Society for Cybernetics, Virginia Beach, VA, February, 1986.

Control and Conversation in Asymmetric Relationships, presentation, American Society for Cybernetic, Virginia Beach, VA, February, 1986.

Poetry Workshop and Conversation Theory, presentation, Society for General Systems Research, Los Angeles, CA, June, 1985.

Morriss Dancing and General Systems Theory, presentation, Pacific Coast Conference on British Studies, San Luis Obispo, CA, March, 1985.


Norman O. Gunderson Award, Cybernetic Systems Program, San Jose State University, May, 1986.

Honorary member, Women of the Wind Motorcycle Club, Hayward, CA, for poetry. July, 1986.