A Graphic Language for Organizational Change and Learning

This is a graphic thinking tool for talking about organizations. it is focused on organizational functions. This makes it a better tool for talking about changing, improving, or learning organizations because it allows organizational form to emerge from the conversation instead of the conversation being constrained by the organizational structure. We can think of it as an Organizational Language.

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Complex Organizations

Modern organizations have more than one unit which are in charge of doing what the organization does. In a more complex system we might think of the notation being used in a slightly different manner.

In a complex system, like the simple system, each of the icons represents a certain function or group of issues which all groups need to attend to. We can see and understand the functions of the icons in terms of their relationship in the support system and then go back to see what this might mean in the production unit.

If organizations can maintain their functionality they can change and learn with less dislocation. They can adapt to a changing environment and to changes in technology ({C}). They can understand how quality issues (*) interact with scheduling (/\), accountability (#), and identity ([H]) issues. This language is a way to begin.

How Could It Be Applied –

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