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1.0  Introduction


2.0  Explanation of subject line and list of divisions


3.0  Search and retrieve via WWW at LIST.MSU.EDU


4.0 Comments or suggestions




      Complete papers from the 1993-2006 Assn. for

Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC)

conferences and some early conferences of the Broadcasting

Education Association are available from two sites.

      It will probably save you time to start your search by

subject line in most cases.  The explanation of the subject

line is below in Section 2.0.


      **Not all papers** are included.

      Not all divisions elected to distribute their

papers electronically and some  papers were sent on

disks which turned out to be unreadable.  Also, papers

are not included if the author did not give permission

or did not sign the permission form.

      No editing has been done.  They were archived just

as received.  To give widest access through email, the

papers were converted to low-ASCII, so even though

all the information is present, the paper may not look

"nice."  This is particularly evident in tables or

where proportional fonts were used.  Some still have

control characters.

      In general, if papers were submitted in "pieces,"

they were recombined with the cover, or title page at

the beginning of the file, followed by the abstract,

the body, tables, references or bibliography  and

appendices.  Some pieces may be missing, especially if

they were in different directories or folders. If

several versions were submitted, the latest was


      The AEJMC at MSU is a Revised Listserv mail

distribution list, but each "message" is,

in fact, a complete paper.  No messages can be sent to

the list and there is no automatic distribution, but

all regular Listserv commands will work.

      The examples below may not generate exactly the

same results as shown.

      Upper and lower case letters can be mixed.  The

machine is case-insensitive.  To the machine, Parker,

parker, and ParKer are equivalent.




    Each paper has a subject line.  The first three

letters indicates if it is a paper from AEJMC or BEA.

The next two digits indicate the year.

      The lead author of the paper is indicated next.

This is formed by taking the first seven letters of

their last name followed by the first letter of the

first name; e. g., AbrahamD is the abbreviation for

David Abrahamson.

      This is followed by the abbreviation, in the case

of  AEJMC, in which the paper was presented:

      ADV   Advertising

      ADVW  Advertising and committee on the  status of


      CCS   Cultural and critical studies

      CJ    Civic and Citizen Journalism Interest Group

      COM   Community Journalism Interest Group

      CTM   Communication theory and methodology

      CTP   Communication technology and policy

      DIS   Media and disability interest group

      ENT   Entertainment Studies Interest Group

      ETH   Media ethics

      GLF   Lesbian, gay and family diversity interest


      GRAD  Graduate education interest group

      HIS   History

      INTL  International

      IP    or (INTERN) Internships and placement

            interest group

      IRE   Council of Affiliates (IRE Competition)

      LAW   Law

      MAC   Minorities and communication

      MAG   Magazine

      MCS   Mass communication and society

      MME   Media management and economics

      NWS   Newspaper

      PR    Public relations

      QS    Qualitative studies

      REL   Religion and media

      RTVJ  Radio television journalism

      SCH   Scholastic journalism

      SCI   Science communication interest group

      SMP   Small programs

      TFCUR Task force on curriculum

      TEACH Teaching Standards

      VC    Visual communication

      WOMAN Commission on the status of women


      And last, the title, abbreviated title, or list of




      Most people will prefer searching and accessing

      the papers via the World Wide Web interface at


      To save time and focus a search, the subject line

can be used.  It is explained in Section 2.0 (above).

      For instance, entering "06 AEJ" in the subject box

will give a list of papers presented at the 2006 AEJMC

conference. (Terms are connected with a Boolean "and.")

Using the subject line syntax, quick searches can be

run for division, author, subject or some combination.

      Entering a term or terms in the "search for" box

with no qualifiers will search for a text string in the

3200 papers (1161 megabytes).

      A very good explanation and illustration of using

the web interface can be found at

It is written for another list, but is easily transferrable

to searching the AEJMC papers.AEJMC is *not* a discussion list.  It

contains only papers from

the Assn. for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication annual conferences.

     For information on how to use the list, send the one line


get help info



A help file will be returned as email.



4.0 If you have comments, suggestions, or problems,  let me know.


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