Can I be fired for being depressed?
Why does my job seem to be making my depression worse?
What does my boss have the right to know about my depression?

I assume you're here to read the article about depression in the workplace which I originally wrote for the Boston Herald in 1995 . As of July 2002, I've decided to send the piece to a well-deserved retirement. It was getting a little shopworn and dated.

For more (and more up-to-date) information about depression and work, please visit Working in the Dark. It's a companion web site to the book Working in the Dark: Keeping Your Job While Dealing With Depression by Fawn Fitter and Beth Gulas (Hazelden, 2002). It's also a stand-alone resource which contains useful links and information about the work issues facing people with mood disorders.

Thank you to everyone who read, linked to, appreciated, commented on, or learned from the original article. I never dreamed when I wrote it seven years ago that it would change my career permanently. I look forward to hearing from you at Working in the Dark.

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