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Sexiness and This Glorious Interactivity

For the women at the corner table, where I've sat before. For those times when they want my attention. Mostly they are otherwise entertained, and I don't hear a word from them.

Or maybe it's for the guys who persist in plying them with attention...

Drink To Me Only With Thine Keyboard

Falling in love with writers is easy. The difference here is that you can intertwine words with the writers you love, interactive and expressive and responding to your ideas.

It's fascinating to be part of a community where people can explore personal truths of sex and sexual identity. And also talk politics, business, sick children.... life.

Unsolicited 'flirtation' can seem chilling or annoying if there is no context.

Whether face to face or typeface to typeface, consent is the ingredient that creates truly intimate communication.

On the WELL, for most of us, there's continuity and the accountability that goes with it. The person you say "hubba hubba, Babe!" to today may be the eight-year-old daughter of the Assistant D.A. in Memphis, or your current S.O's grandparent, or have a great job offer to post and may be in a position to interview you next month. It's *always* best to be sure play is welcome.

We are connected.

Been thinking a lot about how we get along together online.

- Gail