Composed online Aug. 10, 1995. Updated slightly for links.

Rest in Peace, Jerry Garcia

The WELL was running very slow Wednesday that morning, as so many people connected to wish Jerry a farewell and to comfort one another. As the hours went by the system was carrying the sad traffic more smoothly again, so by that evening you could swiftly log on and go to the Grateful Dead Conferences. The WELL's Deadhead scene is one of the best examples of a thriving and caring virtual culture on the net, and you will find a good description of the GD conferences here.

I first tossed this page up to point to some places for news, and where to talk about it while the WELL was running sluggishly; here are some pointers that may be continue to be valuable:

The San Francisco Examiner did a wonderful special edition, and has continued to maintain a comprehensive section on sfgate.

The web blossoms with memorials.

I reposted a few tributes from WELL Deadheads for Jerry.

The best site was Mark Leone's Grateful Dead Site comprehensive and excellent, a true labor of love, and he must have spent hours updating it as memorial pages spring up around the web.

I also want to express mypersonal gratitude for what the Dead and deadheads have done for online culture

Summertime done come and gone.

My, oh my.

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