Depression Extinguished Forever

    There is no truth in thought. (Assume this for the sake of discussion, and observe where it leads.)

    So, consider any thought, even a mathematical thought, for instance, 2 + 2 = 4, as not True (Actual) until it is expressed externally to thought, such as materially or in writing or computers, etc. Any thought may or may not prove to be true once expressed/observed externally, but so long as it remains only within thought, it should be considered Imaginary, since of course it is until being expressed/observed externally, only an image within the mind.

    The immense advantage of such an approach, such an attitude, is that then we are not enamored of thought. And thus do not reflexively assume any thought we have must necessarily be true because we have thought it.

    Precisely to the contrary. Assume that all thoughts are presumptively Not True, until they are verified as true, external to thought. If we cannot find an external verification to any particular thought, then that thought remains presumed not true.

    Now, reasonably regard emotions as non-verbal thoughts. This instantly and forever extinguishes all pain from negative emotions and depression . Since they are now presumed not true until verification external to thought. And such things are by their very nature, impossible to verify external to thought.

    [The above is akin to Imaginary Numbers {the square root of minus one} in mathematics. If one instantly stops one's study of them because one finds the notion nonsense, then one will never discover the immense utility of them.]

(c) Giles Galahad 2018