The difficulty in doing the right thing

    We know we should do a certain thing, but we don't seem to be able to do it. Why not?

    Because the conflict is between different parts of our minds. The logical part which sees the benefits, and the emotional part which sees it as too much bother.

    Since they both exist, neither can ever be 100% of the mind, though the relative percentage of strength varies from day to day. But our bodies are not a democracy, with majority vote in the mind controlling the action. Clear action is 100% action.

    Which means a conflicted mind must never be allowed to be in charge of the body's important actions. The usual term for what then, if not the mind, can intelligently control the body, is the heart. Traditionally, this figuratively means the most important part of the body, the strongest, the hardest working.

    Which really means that part of the brain which is not the mind. Which all small children intuitively understand. And which almost all adults do not understand at all. Because it has been so long since they were aware of anything at all in their brain beside their mind, they regard such assertions as myth.

    But it is real. Individually self-verifiably real.

    The solution is simple. Whenever one senses an internal conflict, one instantly ceases to use the mind to resolve the conflict. Since it cannot, because it is conflicted. Those who begin to try this approach find that nothing immediately happens, except silence. Which is disconcerting to the mind, which loves activity, conflict being its most preferred form.

    But in that silence is where resolution is heard, found, and held.

(c) Giles Galahad 2022