Emotion Can Never Learn

    Emotion can never learn. At all. Ever. About anything.

    To learn, to correct mistakes of the past [either one's own or that of others], a mind has to Remember the past, and use that memory to predict the future. But Emotion is always about the Present, only now, no awareness of any past or any future. This presence only in the now is what gives emotion its Intensity; which always makes emotion preferable to normal thought, to those drearily trapped in endlessly boring thought. If Emotion were remembering the past and predicting the future, it would not be Emotion; it would be either pure logical thinking or something in between. The greater the intensity the more it is pure emotion; the less the intensity the more it is pure logical thinking. Since emotion always is more exciting, more interesting, more alive than logical thinking; it is only with great difficulty that a normal person can ever allow logic to overrule emotion.

    The common delusion is that we always make our decisions based upon logic; remembering the past and anticpating the future. The truth is that most of our mistakes, our bad mistakes, arise out of momentary intense emotion, with zero awareness of the past or concern for the future at that particular moment. After the mistake, we tell ourselves that we will remember this mistake, and never repeat it again. But it was not logical thinking that produced the original mistake, and when next a similar occurence arises, it will not be logical thinking that will be prevalent in the mind at that next moment. No more than it was at the time of the original mistake. At both times it is Intense Emotion that produces the mistake. And, being forever only of the present now, Emotion Can Never Learn.

(c) Giles Galahad 2019