The Plants
Title:  The Plants

The plants in your pond will provide a brilliant showcase for the eyes and will balance the ecosystem. Their foliage is an important factor in controlling the temperature of the water. During the summer months, the plants we had shaded the water and in the winter helped to keep the water warm. (Wintertime in the Bay Area is fairly temperate.) There are four categories of plants that we used in our pond. They are: 

Deep Water 

A hardy lily... These have their roots fully submerged, and the leaves and flowers grow above the surface and, of the aquatic plants, produce the best flowers overall. We have two hardy water lilies in our pond. They seem to tolerate the cool climate better than the tropical varieties.



Anacharis in flower... The roots of these plants are anchored at the bottom of the pond, but their foliage stays beneath the water surface. They provide oxygen to the water (this is why they are also called oxygenators) as well as competing with algae for dissolved nutrients and carbon dioxide. Another benefit is that they provide food and a natural spawning area for the fish. We have an abundance of Anacharis. You can find this plant at most aquarium stores.


Water hyacinth... These plants float freely on the surface while their root system hangs in the water. Many have a cleansing effect that is beneficial to the water quality. Water Hyacinth is the most common floating plant you can find in both nurseries and aquarium stores. Under the right conditions, it will bloom with a delicate blue flower. WARNING: Pretty as this plant can be, it is considered a weed in many parts of the country. Water hyacinth should not be set loose in any natural water habitats. It is highly invasive and will spread rapidly in warm water. We started out with a dozen plants -- four in each barrel. Within three weeks, we couldn't see the surface of the water and had to pull some out!


Mininature Hosetail... These are partially submerged and usually require their own container. These plants are the mainstay of a pond, providing texture and shape to the appearance of the pond. We have water canna, bulrush, umbrella plant, horsetail and pennywort, to name a few. 

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