Neat Places to visit

This is totally non-linear collection of links that is supposed to keep you happy until I start creating real content!
The WELL is my home in cyberspace: a conferencing system and - you should excuse the expression - a virtual community. I co-host three conferences here (Jewish, Party and Experts) and spend a lot of time, on and off line, with WELL folks.

Running and otherwise enjoying science fiction conventions has been known to take up more of my time than it ought. The next BIG project is the 2002 World Science Fiction Convention ConJose, where I am Wardrobe Mistress and Prop Tart for the the Fairy Godfather Department. (Don't ask--trust me!)

Congregation Sha'ar Zahav is my spiritual home away from home; haimish as all get-out, in a very San Francisco way.

Ctein OnLine: The virtual gallery of "one of America's most accomplished unknown photographers" (per the editor of PHOTO Techniques Magazine). Great stuff; more people should know about his work.

Speaking of artists, my best friend Arlin Robins does all kinds of neat stuff. At any point, her web site is likely to be in flux, but you should be able to see at least some of her her wonderful sculpture and jewelry, as well as paintings, computer art and Other Neat Things

Ari Davidow, my co-host on the well Jewish Conference, has some great information and comments on Klezmer music, and lots of neat links.

For "a little science...a little magic...a little chicken soup" you want to go to the Owl Springs Partnership's web pages. Diana Duane and Peter Morwood keep you updated on their various writing projects, things foody, things Irish and things that amuse Diane and Peter. One of the choicer collections of links on the web, this is where I found out about the late lamented Surrealist Compliment Generator (which did just that), the Chomskybot (when you need to sound educated while making no sense whatsoever --"In the discussion of resumptive pronouns following (81), the descriptive power of the base component suffices to account for irrelevant intervening contexts in selectional rules." ) and many other wonderful sites.

Raphael Carter, writer and all around brilliant human being has a home page that's got lots of interesting stuff on it.. Another of my more people should know about people.

Well, that's it for now. Have fun.

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