Craftsman Art Consulting helps you find the perfect artwork for your Craftsman-styled home or work space. Some of the living painters with whom we like to work include....

Mel Adamson

Nikki Basch-Davis

Jeffrey Beauchamp

Paul Brigham

Jack Cassinetto

Kevin Courter

Lindy Duncan

John Francis

Wendy Gruber

Connie Kirk

Barbara Lawrence

Duncan McCandless

Christopher Newhard

Mayumi Oda

Ray Roberts

Randy Sexton

Tom Soltesz
(whose work is on this page)

Tony Speirs

Sylvia Sussman

Jerrold Turner

These painters are landscape, or plein air painters. There are many more than this.
We also have access to these printmakers from the turn of the last century.

(link to come)


Lily Pond has worked as a designer and an art editor for twenty years and has studied the arts & crafts of the Craftsman Era for thirty years.

Being familiar with the work being done then, the work being done now, and the work in-between, she can easily find work that will complement your environment, and increase the authenticity of its furnishings.

The paintings of and inspired by the Arts & Crafts Era, and the prints of the Arthur Wesley Dow school of printmakers and their descendents bring warmth, integrity, and beauty to any environment.

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