• OPEN STUDIO: by appointment; email to be placed on mailing list.

• lotusgreen fotos come in two sizes; though prices vary, generally they are: 13"x19" ($75) or 8.5" x 11" ($50), plus any shipping costs. i can take paypal.

• lotusgreen fotos are hand-printed on various papers, including handmade japanese papers, rag-content papers, and standard photo matte or glossy papers.

• each photo is stamped with the japanese calligraphy version of the artist’s name, and is dated with the year.

• lotusgreen fotos are taken mostly in san francisco's east bay area, at the edge of the bay or in the marshes of berkeley and albany. In addition to the straight shoreline shots, lotusgreen's photography also often includes egrets, pelicans, and other shorebirds (some bird fotos here), as well as fish, flowers, and more....

• some lotusgreen photographs are manipulated to appear to be woodblock prints. see them here

• more photos may be seen here. (also click on “sets” on the left-hand side of the page)

• contact the photographer: 510-644-4188 • pobox 6374 albany ca 94706 • email me: (you can also ask to be put on the mailing list for open studios!) fotos@lotusgreen.net • all images copyright 2004 lotusgreen

lotusgreen fotos: thank you for visiting my page. if you see something you like, contact & pricing info are at the bottom of the page. a more complete, up-to-date (maybe even yesterday or today!), & scalable inventory is here. enjoy!