• lotusgreen fotos come in two sizes, 13"x19" or 8.5" x 11" (the prices are usually $75 & $50 but may vary), plus any shipping costs.

• lotusgreen woodblock photos are hand-printed on various papers, including handmade japanese papers.

• each photo is stamped with the japanese calligraphy version of the artist’s name, and is dated with the year.

• lotusgreen fotos are taken in the san francisco area, mostly at the edge of the bay on the berkeley side.

• some of the lotusgreen photos are manipulated with modern technology to appear as ancient woodblock prints. this is why they are called woodblock fotos.

• more photos may be seen here. (also click on “sets” on the left-hand side of the page.) lotusgreen main photo page here.

• contact info: 510-644-4188 • pobox 6374 albany ca 94706 • fotos@lotusgreen.net

lotusgreen woodblock fotos: see more here.