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Gregory W. Smith

Political Humor

I got blown out of the boat on a secret Cambodia mission and all I got was this silly CIA Hat.

I am always on the lookout for consulting or contracting opportunities as a chemical process development engineer. If you prefer the traditional linear approach, my regular Resume is online along with a longer Academic Vita.

My background is also here in hypertext form. Check out my professional background and my personal background.

You can check out some of the Web links that have become a major time sink when I am logged on.

I recently revised my Web pages here to experiment with different page layouts. My pages here let me experiment with new options for the other Web site that I maintain for the Southern California Section of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

I recenty gave a presentation to the Linux Users of Los Angeles meeting. The topic for my talk was "Another Open Source Unix System: FreeBSD." I gave a short historical review followed by a feature comparison. I also had a FreeBSD system available at the meeting for a working demonstration.

I have also given talks in the past about using Open Source Unix Systems for process control problems. An abstract and my overhead slides from a past talk about Linux are also available here in PDF format. The documents can be downloaded in the zip file: cnwra95.zip. The foils for the presentation show FORTRAN dusty deck code for the adiabatic CSTR model. The zip file also contains C source code for the CSTR model.

You can download a free copy of the Acrobat Reader for PDF files from Adobe.

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