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Another Open Source Unix:

Gregory W. Smith

E-Mail: gsmith@well.com
Web: http://www.well.com/user/gsmith/

Presented to LULA:
Linux Users, Los Angeles
on July 16, 1998
at CyberJava
1029 Abbot Kinney Blvd.
Venice, CA 9029

FreeBSD Gregory W. Smith, gsmith@well.com
Consultant, Chemical Process Simulation

Some Additional Notes

It has been some time since I last gave this presentation. I have not had a chance to update the slides, so I will add a few notes here. I will eventually update the online slides when I need them for another presentation.

First, Cyber Java lost the lease for their Venice location. Follow the link for their other location in Hollywood.

Second, I received E-Mail from Lynn Jolitz with some updated information for the slides. Her updated information is reproduced below.

From: "Lynne Jolitz" <ljolitz@interprophet.com>
To: <gsmith@well.com>
Subject: Slide information incorrect...here's the correct info...
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 1999 17:42:48 -0700

Just thought you'd like to update your slide mentioning 386BSD to reflect
correct dates,etc. (I know it's sometimes hard to get accurate info).

It was begun in 1989 (386BSD: A Modest Proposal).

Ports to tahoe and reno were done, and then work was returned to university
as was done on licensed machines and involved other licensed code (1989
through dec 1990). However, there was no "sponsorship" as CSRG always worked
with groups who contributed code (lots of companies here). Bill previously
did 2.8 BSD release. Code was contributed in Dec of 1990, and that ended
that project. Code incorporated into Net/2 release. We were the lead
contributer in major subsystems in the license agreement (i386 support).

Series was written beginning in late 1990, first issue was Jan 1991 issue "A
Blueprint for Software Design". We were the lead article, beginning the
series "Porting UNIX to the 386".

1992 -- missing pieces published, and net/2 completed. Release 0.0 resulted
in over 250,000 downloads, pretty good. 0.1 followed.
1993 -- contract signed with DDJ to distribute source/binary. Release 1.0
(complete new design) resulted. Best selling CDROM from 1994-1997.

1997 -- Volume 1, The Basic Kernel released. Did very well.

1999 --  Volume II, Virtual Memory. Readying for release.

Hope this helps.
Lynne Jolitz.