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Get A Life

Do you spend all of your time in front of a computer screen? Well, don't worry if you have no life. There is plenty on the Web to keep you occupied. And there are plenty of connections with other couch potato diversions such as TV.
  • [BUTTON:  Get Dilbert] The Dilbert Zone has now taken control of your computer. Only in the Dilbert Zone will you learn the truth about the latest management fads that have taken over the minds of the cubicle masters.
  • Geek Chic highlights the nerd lifestyle.
  • Duncan of the clan McLeod will appeal to those into off with their heads sword play. (Connor of the clan McLeod if you prefer the big screen.) The Highlander is also a parable for those using new software on older versions of Windows. Because in the end, there can only be one ... (version of Win32S).
  • Hercules will stand up for the weakling nerd who is always gets the sand kicked in his face.
  • Xena will use her sword to atone for her evil past. Magic and the whims of the Gods mean that Xena will always be facing ghosts from her past. Xena has killed the evil Callisto more than once. But Callisto keeps coming back from the dead like the Energizer Bunny.
  • The X-Files promise that the truth is out there if you are looking for what lies behind the conspiracies.
  • Babylon 5 offers fresh science fiction for those tired of the old Star Trek formula. It is one of the best SF shows in spite of the movie mongrels at Warner Brothers who have been jerking the fans and the producer around about the fifth season. JMS has did a decent job writing the fourth season. It would have been much better though, if the moguls had been kept on a short leash. And now that there is a fifth season, those of us without cable are shut out. ARRGGH!
  • Earth, Final Conflict is another fresh departure from the Star Trek formula. And since it has been developed from materials found in Gene Roddenberry's sock drawer, it should benefit from the clout of the Star Trek franchise.
  • GetWild.com is the ultimate Geek diversion: a Web page for a TV show about Web pages.

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