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[IMAGE:  The Student Union at Cal State] I am a native of Southern California. I grew up in Downey and did my undergraduate studies at Cerritos College and California State University Long Beach. This is the view looking down from the science building onto the Cal State Student Union. Cal State is one of those classy institutions with a Carillon tower.
[IMAGE:  The IIT Engineering Building] [IMAGE:  The IIT Student Union]

My first job took me to Argonne National Laboratory near Chicago. I continued graduate school part time at the Illinois Institute of Technology. The campus has a very Bauhaus feel thanks to the designs of Mies Van der Rohe. The Engineering Building above is the typical brick and glass construction common on campus. The Student Union has the steel and glass look.
[IMAGE:  The Carrier Dome at Syracuse University] A leave of absence from my job found me finishing my graduate research project at Syracuse University. The University is quite proud of their Teflon marshmallow otherwise known as the Carrier Dome. The Dome's claim to fame depends on your interests. It is the home to the Syracuse Orangemen if you are into college football. It is also a big draw for rock and roll concerts. The acts have changed since I was at Syracuse. The Dome has hosted concerts by the Stones, the Dead, the Police, and Genesis.
[IMAGE:  The Mueller Carillon Tower at UNL] I later went to teach at the University of Nebraska before returning to California. UNL is another classy institution thanks to the Mueller Carillon Tower.

My hobbies have been on hiatus since returning to California. I am still working on the following links for my hobbies.
[IMAGE:  Sho-Rei-Shobu-Kan Karate-Do] [IMAGE:  Scuba Diving at Catalina]

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