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1985 to 1992

University of Nebraska, Department of Chemical Engineering, Lincoln, Nebraska
   Adjunct Professor (October 1992 to December 1992)
   Assistant Professor (September 1995 to August 1992)
   Instructor (January 1985 to August 1985)
  • Prepared five proposals receiving over $40,000 of research funding. Directed four graduate thesis projects in the fluidization test laboratory developed with these funds.
  • Submitted eight research proposals to major funding agencies for over $2,000,000 of research funding. One project later received partial funding of $64,000. Suspended revision of multi-disciplinary proposals when key personnel left the university.
  • Served on the faculty research advisory committee for the college of engineering and technology. Reviewed preliminary proposals in response to a Governor's research initiative. Committee feedback to the investigators helped establish four new research centers in the college.
  • Completed seventeen professional development seminars on recent technical developments, research management, and effective teaching methods.
  • Developed graduate seminar in system modeling and computer calculation. Directed student seminar projects assisting nine graduate students with masters degree research.
  • Organized two sessions at national meetings of the Fine Particle Society. Served as officer in the Nebraska Section of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.
  • Presented inter-departmental seminars at the UNL Mathematics Department. Demonstrated numerical methods on the Cyber 205, Cray X-MP, and the IBM 3090 supercomputers showing order of magnitude improvement with proper coding of appropriate algorithms.
  • Developed lesson plans and complete lecture notes for eight different classes about transport phenomena, numerical methods, and process control. Directed nine undergraduate independent study projects. Received "very good" to "excellent" rating in student class evaluations. Selected by the students as departmental nominee for the College of Engineering and Technology teaching award.
  • Expanded departmental computing capabilities by committee service at the university, college, and department levels.
  • Prepared plans for $100,000 upgrade of the unit operations teaching laboratory. Replaced many experiments with automated experiments under this ongoing plan. Improved analytical instrumentation by adding computer control to existing experiments.
  • Developed hardware and software specifications for a $25,000 undergraduate departmental computing laboratory. Introduced personal computing to the curriculum.
  • Specified upgrade plans for office computing. Personal computers worth over $20,000 replaced the single word processor used in the office. The systems provided word processing for all faculty in the department.
  • Coordinated department resources with the campus computing center for installation of department node on campus-wide network. Over $20,000 of networking equipment provides network access for faculty offices and department laboratories. The network node communicates with campus mainframes one thousand times faster than the replaced leased telephone lines.

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