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December 1995 to April 1998

Simulation Sciences, Brea, California
   Test Engineer (December 1995 to April 1998)
  • Drafted quality assurance test procedures and carried out testing of programs for steady state process design (PRO/II), dynamic process simulation (PROTISS), pipe network flow simulation (NETOPT), and on-line optimization (ROMeo).
  • Developed TCL scripts to automate testing the real time and electronic data interchange systems of the ROMeo on-line modeling system.
  • Developed TCL and AWK scripts for maintaining the AIM process data historian for real time testing of the ROMeo on-line modeling system.
  • Tested graphical user interface for design of batch distillation towers and batch chemical reactors. Verified bug fixes by entering specified test problems. Entered new bug descriptions and updated existing entries in the project bug log.
  • Performed limited validation of academic version of the PRO/II with PROVISION design software on Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. Verified the media with test installations from the distribution floppies and CD-ROM.
  • Verified test problems on the client/server version of PRO/II with PROVISION. Tested Hewlett-Packard, Sun, and IBM RS6000 versions of the PRO/II calculation server with the PROVISION client running under Windows 3.11.
  • Provided secondary support for customers using PROVISION process design software. Verified proper usage and program behavior with developers. Entered verified problems in the project bug log.
  • Tested installation and proper calculation of the PipePhase flow network software with specified test problems on Windows 3.11, Windows NT, and Windows 95 systems.
  • Tested the integration of the graphical user interface with the NETOPT and PipePhase fluid flow programs for the design of multi-phase fluid flow piping networks.
  • Verified ASTM D2887 reporting options for characterizing petroleum fractions.
  • Tested integration of the OTISS dynamic simulator with the steady state PROVISION process design software. Verified translations of problems with samples provided by the engineers from the technology partner developing the dynamic simulator.
  • Revised and updated test procedures for the Protiss dynamic simulator and the NETOPT multi-phase fluid flow design program.
  • Updated AWK scripts for regression analysis to enhance portability of testing tools between Unix, DOS, Windows 95, and Windows NT.
  • Completed training in C programming for the Unix system with an introduction to device drivers and kernel level system development.

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