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Gregory W. Smith

4818 Hersholt Avenue
Long Beach, California 90808
Phone: 562/429-6323
E-Mail: gsmith@well.com


Research and development engineer with industrial and academic experience. Developed test procedures and tested chemical process design software during development. Taught graduate and undergraduate classes in chemical process calculation, transport phenomena, numerical methods, and process control. Developed theoretical research programs in multi-phase flow and high-performance computing. Directed pilot plant operation of fluidized bed combustor for experimental study of plant instrumentation and pollution control.

Modeling and Process Design

  • Provided secondary support for customers using PROVISION process design software. Verified proper usage and program behavior with developers. Entered verified problems in the project bug log.
  • Tested graphical user interface for design of batch distillation and batch chemical reactors. Verified bug fixes by entering specified test problems. Entered new bug descriptions and updated existing entries in the project bug log.
  • Developed graduate seminar in system modeling and computer calculation. Directed seminar research projects in several areas of process design.
  • Analyzed scale-up of dispersed-phase mixing using simulation models. Showed a mixing rate decrease from 15 to 30 percent for constant power scale-up.
  • Developed FORTRAN models for fluidized bed combustion and sorbent regeneration. Computed process costs and flowsheets showed economic viability of fluidized bed burners for an 810 MWatt electric power plant.

Pilot Plant Operation

  • Coordinated long-term (100 and 1000 hour) studies in a pilot plant combustor. Planned installation and operation of experimental equipment for biology and material science divisions taking part in the study. Demonstrated a 40 to 60 percent savings in limestone used.
  • Directed studies of hydration of spent limestone at the Grand Forks Energy Technology Center. Increased limestone conversion by 200 percent.


  • Prepared plans for $100,000 upgrade of a unit operations teaching laboratory. Automated many experiments under this ongoing plan. Improved analytical instrumentation by adding computer control to existing experiments.
  • Specified $100,000 of analytical, control, and data acquisition equipment for a laboratory fluidized bed pilot plant.
  • Evaluated two laser particle size analyzers for on-line analysis in a fluidized bed pilot plant.
  • Directed the installation of an experimental $100,000 laser Doppler particle size analysis system at the Westinghouse Waltz Mill facility. Trained two senior engineers and other Westinghouse staff in equipment operation.

Computer Systems Development

  • Drafted quality assurance test procedures and carried out testing of programs for steady state process design (PRO/II), dynamic process simulation (PROTISS), pipe network flow simulation (NETOPT), and on-line optimization (ROMeo).
  • Developed TCL scripts to automate testing the real time and electronic data interchange systems of the ROMeo on-line modeling system.
  • Developed TCL and AWK scripts for maintaining the AIM process data historian for real time testing of the ROMeo on-line modeling system.
  • Tested integration of the OTISS dynamic simulator with the steady state PROVISION process design software. Verified translations of problems with samples provided by the engineers from the technology partner developing the dynamic simulator.
  • Verified test problems on the client/server version of PRO/II with PROVISION. Tested Hewlett-Packard, Sun, and IBM RS6000 versions of the PRO/II calculation server with the PROVISION client running under Windows 3.11.
  • Tested the integration of the graphical user interface with the NETOPT and PipePhase fluid flow programs for the design of multi-phase fluid flow piping networks.
  • Developed hardware and software specifications for a $25,000 undergraduate IBM PC laboratory. Introduced personal computers to the curriculum.
  • Specified a $20,000 upgrade plan for office computing. Replaced the office word processor with IBM PC's providing word processing for department faculty.
  • Coordinated campus computing center installation of department node on campus network. Planned network access for offices and laboratories.


  • Updated AWK scripts for regression analysis to enhance portability of testing tools between Unix, DOS, Windows 95, and Windows NT.
  • Completed recent training in C programming for the Unix system with an introduction to device drivers and kernel level system development.
  • Presented seminars at the University of Nebraska Mathematics Department demonstrating vector and parallel algorithms suited to the Cyber 205, Cray X-MP, and IBM 3090 supercomputers.
  • Developed computer models and data acquisition systems using FORTRAN and PL/1. Skilled with other programming languages including BASIC, ALGOL, COBOL, Pascal, C/C++, and FORTH.
  • Optimized models on various computer systems including IBM Mainframes (CMS and MVS), Digital Equipment VAX and PDP-10, Control Data Cyber (NOS), Cray X-MP (CTSS), Unix, and IBM PCs.
  • Extended FORTRAN and PL/1 programs for data acquisition in a fluidized bed pilot plant.


1995 - 1998
Simulation Sciences, Brea, California
Test Engineer (December 1995 to April 1998)
1993 - 1995
Sabbatical, Lincoln, Nebraska and Long Beach, California
Researcher (January 1993 to December 1995)
1985 - 1992
University of Nebraska, Department of Chemical Engineering, Lincoln, Nebraska
Adjunct Professor (October 1992 to December 1992)
Assistant Professor (September 1985 to August 1992)
Instructor (January 1985 to August 1985)}
1981 - 1984
Syracuse University, Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Syracuse, New York
Research Assistant (September 1981 to November 1984)
Illinois Institute of Technology, Department of Chemical Engineering, Chicago, Illinois
Graduate Student (January 1981 to August 1981)
1975 - 1981
Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, Illinois
Assistant Chemical Engineer (November 1978 to June 1981)
Engineering Assistant (June 1975 to October 1978)
Student Research Participant (January 1975 to May 1975)}


1985, Ph.D.-Chemical Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago. Dissertation: Simulation Modeling of Hydrodynamic Effects in Dispersed Phase Systems. Advisor: L.L. Tavlarides.

1979, M.S.-Chemical Engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago.

1973, B.S.-Chemical Engineering, California State University, Long Beach.


  • A.I.Ch.E.: Vice-Chair of the Southern California Section. Former officer in the Nebraska Section.
  • A.S.E.E.: Chemical Engineering Division; New Engineering Educators.
  • Seven journal publications. Twenty-four presentations. Eleven DOE topical reports and twenty-four DOE periodic reports.

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