Voila - our global sprawl community:

  • kunstradio wien - Ö1 -- 22:20 - 23:00 -- Ö1 - every thursday -- ARTRADIO and online over realaudio.
  • *Timothy Leary's Homepage*
    T.F.Y.& Q.A.!
  • *Electric Minds*, our virtual community. Too many highly recommended links from there to mention here ! Check out for yourself.
  • ATA-TAK.Highly distinguished gentlemen and musicians with a PLAN, from Dusseldorf.
  • monochrom-gebenedeit unter den illustrierten
  • *Are We Really?*gets on The Bus with Ken Kesey & Goes FURTHER !
  • *Burning the Interface-international artists´ cd-rom exhibition* Australia.
  • *Anon Salon in San Francisco* - teases technology, embraces the arts & flirts with the unknown.
  • *The Gate Gallery* Check out John Coate's space at The San Francisco Chronicle.
  • *Joi Ito* tells you what´s gunafa and hot in Tokyo.
  • *Terence McKenna* get shaman news from Hawaii and other plants.
  • *....cynsa beans....* get news from Cynsa Beans & check out her pointof view!
  • *The WELL Community*
  • *The Iron Feather Journal*U.S. Underground and more.
  • *Howard Rheingold* the gunafa-transrheingoldian connection.
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