"One of the very best uses I have found with the web is a mental one for myself. When following the reading on this and other listserves, one finds that they are not alone. Others fight the same problems and frustrations. I read about neat ideas that I can implement immediately or with some modifications. I have sent requests for help with specific problems and have always received help. I have found teachers with similar students that I can bounce ideas with. My education students have mentors (teachers) from around the world that have agreed to tutor and encourage them. In all I do not feel as isolated, but have a greater awareness of what is going on in education other than on my particular campus. It is a tool that will make us better teachers and provide more information for our students." (High School teacher on WWWEDU listserv)

Beginners' listservs

Below are some education-related mail lists that may be of interest to "beginners." I've indicated several lists that have relatively few postings. However, all have digest versions (or are periodic postings anyway). I highly recommend starting out "beginners" with the digest version!

A mailing list for technology coordinators and teachers.
To Subscribe to this list:
Send an email to: macjordomo@alisal.org
in the body of your email, type: Sub techcoord
For questions or assistance, please email the list manager (Tim Landeck) at tlandeck@alisal.org
Send a message to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.EDUCAUSE.EDU In the body of the message type:
SUBSCRIBE Edupage YourFirstName YourLastName

You can also subscribe, unsubscribe or change your settings by visiting

If you have any technical questions regarding the list, please contact: edupage-request@listserv.educause.edu

Edupage, a summary of news about information technology, is provided three times a week as a service by Educause, a Washington, D.C.-based consortium of leading colleges and universities seeking to transform education through the use of information technology. You may also view the archives of the mailing list.

Blue Web
Weekly lesson plans!
Subscribe: bluewebn-subscribe@topica.com
send a blank message.

To UNSUBSCRIBE, send a blank e-mail to

For assistance with subscribing and unsubscribing, contact Topica at support@get.topica.com
Questions about Blue Web'n go to Katie Beedon

To receive past weekly updates go to the learning applications webpage of the PacBell Education First Fellows.

Very active. Digest subscription strongly recommended. The list was conceived to bring together students, faculty, and "interested others" in the field of educational technology to share ideas and information. There are more than 1,300 subscribers from about 30 countries on the EDTECH list. An excellent place to post edtech questions.


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