I'm taking a quick look at a clothing store in Amsterdam. I'm dressed pretty conservatively, actually, with a powder blue sport jacket. Of course, I had my shoes on. And I was wearing the Joey Mars shirt you see in this picture. I had spotted the shirt on a fellow in the row ahead of me at a Dead show. While I wasn't looking, one of my companions found out where he got the shirt and secretly bought one for me. Back to the clothing store in Amsterdam. I walk in, and catch the salesman looking at my shoes. He looks up, and I'm already grinning at him. He groks the shirt. I look around the store. It all slides off my eyes. Everything is brown and beige. I pause in the doorway on my way out, half turn, and say: "Earth tones." His eyes get very wide. Not long after that, I'm walking down Prinselgracht with Geke van Dyke and we spot this space picture. By the time I get to my hotel room and pour all the pixels into my computer, I notice a lama from another dimension has snuck into the image.

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Last updated: April 29, 1995