Where have I been?! Completely distracted by the weather, I guess. It's downright balmy. Not just plum trees but even some of the crabapples are blooming! It's ridiculous! Makes me want to load up the van with my Holgas & woks, drive off to Montana (I know, it's freezing there right now) or Alabama or something. Check out what all those Chinese restaurants out there are up to. (Wow, that's an awful lot of prepositions in that sentence.)

Besides ogling flowers on trees, I've also been trying to drum up some institutional support (that means: writing residency applications, grant proposals, &c.) for this project. If you, dear reader, have any funding ideas for me, I'd sure love to hear 'em. Or hey, be direct: just send me money. & takeout menus. I don't want much, do I?


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