Yes, it's true, even a fiend like me can reach Chinese food saturation. Masses of relatives converged in town over the holidays & pummelled me with large quantities of food every time I dared show my face. I think I have fully satisfied my crustacean cravings for at least the next few months. (One uncle sent himself to the emergency room with a crab OD, I kid you not.) Most recently we had some very lovely steamed fish in black bean sauce, the likes of which Wyoming cannot even dream. Also at that meal: fried milk?! Someone enlighten me, please... is it milk like from a critter (shades of crab rangoon! eek!) or is it soy milk (more what I would like to believe)?

I'm not knocking Wyoming; they can't help being so far from the ocean. It's not their fault, really. I mean it!


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